Box Puzzler (Working Title) - In Progress

Site Development Update

Box Puzzler is a box pushing puzzle game for Android.  Move boxes onto the goals with limited space, but be careful you can only push the boxes!

Frontline Overlord - In progress

Frontline Overlord First Sc

Frontline overlord is a stylized real-time 3D strategy game.  You play the role of an army's commander that is also a grunt on the field.  Control the entire battle from the field and change the flow of battle at a moment's notice.  This game is currently under development on the prototype phase and will target PC an Xbox One if development continues.

Sector 12 - on hold


Sector 12 is a to down space exploration game.  You play the role of a female scrap collector aboard a garbage ship.  The only ship close enough to stop the invasion from an alien race, you must use scrap to upgrade your ship and battle for the protection of earth.